Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christmas Music Confessional

Hey anyone who reads this. I have a huge problem. I love Christmas music. Tomorrow is November 1 tomorrow and the means game on for m our Christmas collection. I always start with Steven Curtis Chapman "The Music of Christmas" I will also take in Israel Houghton and hopefully the new Josh Groban. I openly admit it's a little strange, and most "real" musicians think I am a psycho and its some sort or weird chink in my musical armor. There is a lot of really bad, overdone, no taste kind of Christmas albums out there - and I even listen to most of them. know the truth now.

Have a holly jolly


Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm back -kinda

Sorry to both of you (i'm hoping) that read this thing. Especially Dana who said she checked every so often. School started and I lost track of this. I will try to do better. I was just talking to a buddy of mine who is at Multnomah Bible in Portland, and his professor who said that scripture was not the inspired word of God. It was inspired to John and Paul and the prophets, but now it has been filtered down through human hands and is not the inpspired word of God anymore. Does this rub anyone else the wrong way? If it is not inspired than what is the point? Or if its partially inspired, that begs the question...which part is and which part isn't?? Alrighty...It was bugging me. G'nite everyone

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jesus colored shades

I have been trying to see people as Christ sees them. I think I have failed miserably. It just seems like this rediculous human nature thing to want to see ourselves as better than someone else. It is never overt for me, somewhere deep inside - in places God knows and I wish I didn't- There are these quiet thoughts. "I'm not like that." "Oh man, I'm glad it's him and not me."
"Wow I'm glad I'm not that screwed up." Truth?? I am like that, it is me, and I am that screwed up. So new plan....

Everyday I am trying to put on my Jesus colored shades. To step back and see people as Christ see them. Equally messed up, in need of grace, and loved deeply by a father in heaven.

Maybe in 20 or 30 years I might start to get a hold of this....


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Poop. It's a beautiful thing. Maybe some of you who are ways off of newborns have forgotten. When we brought our baby home. We waited.... and waited...."Shouldn't he have pooped by now?" "I don't know. Should we call the doctor?" Followed by more waiting. "He did a little one at the hospital..."

Suddenly from the back room

"YEAH!!!! Daddy he pooped!"

The phones starts flying off of the hook. Parents get called. I think we should go ahead and extend things to a full-on 1st poop party. We could make banners and paper plates and paper cups that say "Congrats on your 1st poopy" We would probably have to serve chocolate cake or tapioca pudding?

1st poop party, Whadya think??


Trying this thing out

So...I am not sure who will read this. That is probably a bad start, but there it is. I am also not sure I have a lot to contribute-that's two strikes...but I can't seem to get the idea to go away. So I am going to follow in the footsteps of some good friends of mine, and try this out. The title "Mental Bacon Bits" came to me at 4 in the morning while I was rocking our new baby. I figured what I would blog would be little random bits that might add some flavor to your day- in one way or another. I am not deep or funny-which lands me squarely in the territory of shallow and a little twisted.

Hope you enjoy